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You don't want to realize your meat thermometer is missing right when you need it on Thursday afternoon. Pull other the cookware, tools, and ingredients you'll need to cook the turkey, and pick up anything you might still need. I'm talking about everything from the roasting pan and rack, to a meat thermometer and baster.

Regardless, I found The Kitchn’s recipe to be easy to follow with simple ingredients and steps, and the loaf’s texture, crumb and crust were most like classic sourdough.

The recording session took place in several studios around the world. In the US sessions were held at Water Music, Beat 360 and The Alabaster Room in New York City . In Norway recordings were made at Yoga Studio, Alabaster Cottage, Malabar Studio and Rainbow Studio. In the UK the band recorded at Real World Studios , whilst in Germany they used Gaga Studios and Boogie Park Studios. [2]

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